To be held at

Club 85, Whinbush Road, HITCHIN

On Monday 20th March 2023 at 8pm*

Ordinary Business

  1. Membership Attendance and Apologies.
  • To receive and adopt the Trustees’ Report and Accounts for the year ending 31st August 2022.
  • To receive notice of the resignations of the following Trustees (effective at the close of the AGM)
    • Phaedra Furphy (Chair)
    • Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews
    • Samantha Harper
  • To vote for the following candidates who offer themselves for election as trustees:
    • Any other person who submits a written application to the acting Co. Secretary to become a trustee prior to 17th March 2023

NB: The minimum number of trustees required is three. If this is not achieved the charity cannot comply with its Articles of Association and will automatically move to Item 6. (dissolution).

  • To discuss objectives for Rhythms of the World.
  • To receive a report from the Chair of Trustees explaining the consequences and practical process of dissolving the Charity
  • To vote upon the Special Resolution that Rhythms of the World be dissolved.
  • To agree arrangements for the dissolution of Rhythms of the World including the transfer and disposal of assets.
  • To transact any other business considered appropriate to be dealt with at an Annual General Meeting.

Note: Members have a right to vote by Proxy. A proxy form is available by request from the acting Co. Secretary. A completed form must be brought to the meeting by anyone acting as a proxy.

By order of the Trustees

John Brierley (Acting Co. Secretary)

Email: john.brierley@rotw.uk