Rhythms of the World Presents…

One of our charitable objectives is to provide a stimulus to the arts in the region and we aim to involve people from across the community – different ages, races, backgrounds, economic groups, abilities and musical tastes.

Rhythms of the World Presents is our year-round arts programme that takes the festival ethos to a wider audience through a range of musical performances. The programme gives artists the opportunity to perform far beyond the festival weekend and we host a range of events throughout the year.

Past events have included a performance at The Queen Mother Theatre by Moishe’s Bagel, who returned to perform again in Hitchin after the festival.

Sukhi Rayat and his Tabla Rhythms

We’ve also hosted acts like The October Game, CC Smugglers and Here Comes the Blackout in venues around Hitchin, London and Brighton. These initiatives are funded by the proceeds of the festival and other ROTW fundraising events. This means that whenever you buy a ROTW festival ticket, attend a ROTW fundraiser, buy ROTW merchandise or make a donation, you are personally contributing to the continuing success of the Rhythms of the World Community Outreach Programme and Rhythms of the World Presents…!

So THANK YOU for helping to share the spirit of the festival with those who are not able to attend!


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