Sponsors’ Stories

Each year the help and support of our sponsors enables us to keep providing an incredible festival of  music from around the World and round the corner, ensuring low ticket prices, high value and huge quality.

Here are some of our amazing sponsors’ stories.

Constant Power Services Ltd (CPS)

Hitchin businessman Kevin Wilson has seen his electronics business grow so much during his five years as a Rhythms of the World (ROTW) sponsor, that the company has now expanded to bigger offices.


“Until just last year Constant Power Services Ltd (CPS) was a Hitchin company and very proud of the fact”, says Wilson. As a lifelong local resident his heart is still set on supporting Hitchin’s biggest annual event and it’s a sentiment CPS’s Italian parent company, Riello, shares.

“Riello has always believed in supporting local causes”, continues Wilson. “And this (ROTW) is one that we at Constant Power Services Ltd are happy to be associated with.”

Constant Power Services joins the growing legion of small and large businesses sponsoring performers and stages at this year’s festival. Despite the obvious commercial benefits of advertising to up to 30,000 people across the weekend, supporting ROTW is ultimately about sentiment before business continues Wilson:

“I’m a Hitchin boy, and very proud of the town and what it stands for.”

The Hair Shop

Local businessman Nick Bellisario is sponsoring Hitchin’s Rhythms of the World (ROTW) music festival for a thirteenth year in 2015, crediting the event for helping his business to build its loyal customer base in the local community.

Nick Bellisario

Bellisario has been running The Hair Shop in salon-saturated Hitchin town centre for more than 30 years. Despite stiff competition, the business is now so successful it no longer needs to open at weekends. It’s an achievement the hairdresser attributes to shrewd local PR and sponsorship of the festival.

“Sponsoring ROTW advertises our brand to thousands of people every year, generating business and giving us a chance to support the local community for very little cost.”

The Hair Shop joins the host of small and big businesses advertising in the festival programme or on merchandise, as well as sponsoring performers and stages. After more than a decade as a sponsor, Bellisario is grateful to be successful enough to simply shut up shop and enjoy the festival whilst supporting his local community.

“We love being part of the festival. People in Hitchin have been supporting The Hair Shop for many years so it’s a pleasure to be able to give something back to the town.”

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Rhythms of the World is a registered charity which uses the Arts to unite communities.

Run by volunteers, all donations the charity receives fund our Outreach Programme and help us to keep our festival ticket price as low as possible and accessible to everyone.

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